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Bowers & Wilkins ASW850 Subwoofer


The ASW850 is part of B&W’s ASW Series, which is known for delivering exceptional sound quality and deep, powerful bass response. With its advanced technology and premium construction, the ASW850 is designed to complement high-fidelity audio systems, providing immersive low-frequency performance for music and home theater applications. It features a robust enclosure and sophisticated amplification to reproduce bass frequencies with accuracy and impact.

PS Audio Dectet Power Conditioner


The Dectet is an active three zone, ten outlet power center that produces clean, unrestricted AC power for an entire high-end audio or video system. It is designed to power and fully protect your entire system with improved dynamics, increased harmonic integrity, and an open, spacious soundstage that can be breathtaking. Filtration is handled through large core high permeability magnetic devices wound with heavy gauge OFC providing both common mode and differential mode filtering you can both measure and hear. Protection is through both microprocessor controlled over/under voltage surge guard and MOV spike that will always make sure your equipment is fully protected.